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Arue Home Health Care.

About Arue home health Care


Our Mission: Providing individualized services and supports to people with disabilities and older adults at home in their community.

Arue will provide services to individuals with disabilities of all ages as well as older adults. The services provided support the independence of the individual and offer the highest quality care when needed, whether it is a self-directed program of Personal Care Assistance, or a Basic 245D Waivered Service.n all 87 counties.

Why Choose Arue home health care?

  • Our highly experienced RNs are best in class with one goal in mind – to help coordinate the best care for our clients.

  • Arue Personal Care Assistants, and other Support Staff, are paid a high, competitive wage.

  • We offer our programs and services throughout the state of Minnesota.

  • Our services are personalized to fit your exact needs.

  • Amharic, Somali, Tigray and English-speaking staff to serve client needs.

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